Johan Fantenberg
"Ms Whan has been looking after my accomodation needs for the last three years. She has fantastic knowledge about the condo sale and rental market in Bangkok, especially around the Thonglor, Ekamai and surrounding areas. Not only does she quickly and accurately respond to requests she anticipates your needs and understand your life style requirements. This level of insight is a great time saver as she can recommend the most suitable location and type of condo that would best suit your needs and quickly arrange to show you the room at a convenient time.

Ms Whan maintains great relationships with the land lords which makes it a breeze to manage the contractual process. Even after contract signing she is always keen to make sure that everything works well and she is also very helpful and proactive in liaising with the land lords should it be required. If you are looking for a tailored and efficient way to buy or rent a condo in Bangkok look no further than to Ms Whan, her professionalism and engaging way to ensure a great outcome for all involved parties."