Seenspace 13

Located within Soi 13, Seenspace Lifestyle Mall is considered to be one of the coolest mini-malls in Bangkok. In fact, most people don’t even consider this a mall due to the limited amount of fashion stores that take second stage to the long list of bars and restaurants, which draw in a lively Thai and expat crowd every evening. 

However, Seenspace is more than just a fun place for drinks in the evening. Here are five reasons why you can spend all day on Thonglor 13; from filling up with a fancy breakfast, getting active in the gym and then undoing all the good work with copious amounts of beer in the evening.

Caffeine lovers rejoice since you they can head on over to Roast where a range of in-house roasted varieties of coffee served hot, cold or blended awaits drinkers. Other than that, they also do a mean brunch with choices such as crab cake benedict and basil and goat’s cheese frittata.

After fueling up on some food and drink, it’s time to burn come calories courtesy of RSM Rajadamnern Muay Thai Gym. Enjoy modern facilities, professional, there are a variety of other sessions that start from 10:00 AM - 9:00 PM and are geared towards beginners, although kids and advance classes are available too. The gym is located on the third floor of Seenspace Thonglor, be sure to take the stairs as a means to warm up.

After the sun sets, Seenspace really comes to life, it  transforms from a laidback lifestyle mall to a full on nightlife venue, with the central courtyard filling up quickly with young hip Thais and an ever-growing number of foreigners. 

Once you secure a table, you can order from any of the surrounding bars. There are a plethora of establishments to order from, whether it be a quick beer or a full on meal, consider all your bases covered once you visit Seenspace. A word of warning: expect to wait for a table if you are arriving after 9 PM on the weekend - you have been warned!

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